Monday, December 31, 2012

Backpacking the City of Smiles: The hunt for a cheap accommodation

Raving over the low cost air travel courtesy of Airphil Express, my traveling feet got giddy again and my fingers took a few minutes to get myself a flight to and from the city of Smiles - Bacolod City! The moment I was done booking and confirming the reservation I asked myself "So what is there to see in Bacolod?"

 After almost a year from booking this flight, I was reminded that I am supposed to make reservations and arrangements for this 5-day stay in the City of Smiles.


With a bit of research, I narrowed down my choices between my usual option, Ong Bun Pension and Check-Inn Hostel I read from a friend. A week before my arrival, I confirmed my reservation. The start of a couple of setbacks started a day before my scheduled flight. After learning that I have to be in the office on the day of my flight to run some tests on newly installed profiles, Ong Bun Pension called to let me know that my reservation for a single deluxe room cannot be confirmed. Reallly, I was totally disappointed.  More than disappointment, it was worry that's creeping at the back of my head. I'm flying tomorrow without a clear hint of where to stay. When the panic subsided, I decided to check other options, hence, Check-Inn Hostel.   The reviews weren't that bad and the photos were quite decent. I made an online reservation. The price difference from Ong Bun was a bit noticeable.  I only have approximately P 400/night budget for accommodation. The budget is too tight as I just came from my Singapore birthday trip and my resources aren't that much. I need a place real quick so I closed my eyes and hit the reservation for a P 650/night single room.

I was about to go home from an unplanned assignment when I got a call from Ong Bun Pension asking if I my reservation request will still push through.  I was tempted to be give an act over the phone but I took it as an opportunity to get all the savings I can get (Ma-G lang talaga). I confirmed the reservation and advised the lady of my arrival time later in the day.  I had to cancel my Check-Inn reservation.

Ong Bun Pension House is strategically located in the center of downtown Bacolod, right in front of Bacolod Central Market...

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