Friday, April 6, 2012

An impromptu city tour

When I got to SM Iloilo I have no idea where to start. I circled  the not so huge mall and I couldn't even decide where to eat.  To top it all, the city has no power at the time and it's raining.  It always rain when I travel!

What's for lunch?

I thought I wanted to get a taste of  the famous La Paz batchoy from Ted's or Decos but the shoppes were full and I can't hold the monsters in my tummy any longer. I spotted a small place near one of the mall entrances called Green Mango.  It sounded familiar but not quite. I decided to grab a chair and order. At the back of my head I was just tired and I needed a safe place to consult Mr. Google.

I ordered one of their platter.


rice ball, pancit canton, fish escabetche (don't know how to spell it), a chunk of fried chicken
The city tour!

Lunch was good but my worries are starting to grow because the rain hasn't completely stopped and my head is about to start singing Eva Peron..."Where do we(I) from here?...

I wandered a bit until a decided to text Ong Bun Pension to ask for directions. I was told that they can only hold my reservation until 6 in the evening! That added more panic. Fortunately (or I thought it was), the instruction was simple--Hop on a jeep with the sign "Iloilo City Proper" and drop off at the pension house. I boarded a jeep and went on my way. We've passed UP Visayas, the Sarabia Manor, the Provincial Capitol and a whole lot of streets. Among those streets I couldn't see any sign of the pension house so I decided to drop off at Ledesma St. where the pension house is suppose to be located.

I walked along Ledesma St. but could not find the pension house.  I turned to Mr. Google once again and looked for landmarks. It was near a huge local supermarket and SM Delgado. When I saw the hard-to-miss supermarket I turned right and headed towards SM Delgado. The city is busy and so am I in being lost.

I found the hotel  in my list when I was researching Iloilo and It's nice to finally see them in person aside from the fact that I can't afford them. While walking, I passed by the riverbank.  I recognized the body of water as the Iloilo river.  The breeze is cool and relaxing, especially when your feet are sore and your whole body is drenched in sweat. I would have loved to stay and relax a bit but I am yet to find my bed!

Returning to the busy city, I passed by quiet street-Arroyo.  It looks like a slum area. Natakot ako because it kinda looks like a street in Tondo, Manila.  Isama mo pa ang questioning eyes of a few while I'm passing by.  I don't mean to judge the place nor the instinct told me to be careful.  Arroyo street ends in a Rotonda.  The funny thing is, it's the same place where I started to walk. The area looks like a chinese town where lanterns adorns the center of the rotonda while the buildings show influences of the chinese architecture. So there I was! Back in Ledesma St. This time I walked on the other side.  It wasn't really far from where I stand I raised my head and miraculously saw the sign! Ong Bun Pension House with its corresponding chinese characters.

As I draw nearer, I realized that the building was actually  the next one if I did not turn right towards the hard-to-miss supermarket.

There! I was able to go around Iloilo City in an instant because I got lost.  After having a cold shower, I slept comfortably...